Mudgee Preschool is the only Early Childhood Education and Care Centre in the district to receive a rating of EXCEEDING THE NATIONAL QUALITY STANDARDS from the Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (

This is what some families had to say about Mudgee Preschool in a recent survey: 


The best thing about Mudgee Preschool is ....

"The way the program is guided so much by the children's interests, the innovative experiences and welcoming nature of the staff.  Plus the patience and kindness of the staff  when my child was having difficulty separating from me:

"So much fun, a nurturing environment, professional caring staff.  My son was able to follow his interests, and was always stimulated and supported".

"Staff are readily available to converse with.  They know my child well and are on top of any issue that may arise.  We have always felt welcomed and my daughter has loved every minute".

"It is impossible to explain how much he has grown and changed for the better without explaining just how bad his special needs were before he arrived at preschool.  His confidence, capability and sense of fun and adventure has increased over and over again.  To see him follow some instructions and also play with other children has just amazed me, that doesn't happen without love and support.  An awesome, wonderful team".

"What an amazing educational gift you have given her, that school is something to be explored, to get dirty and messy and that her thoughts and ideas are listened to and what's more important is that she matters."

The best thing about Mudgee Preschool is ....

"... they go above and beyond to make my child and the whole family feel comfortable".

".... the learning program and highly skilled and motivated teachers - building a sense of community".

".... the care and attention given to parents and children.  The constant effort to inform and improve/enhance the environment and delivery of service."

".... the children have this wonderful opportunity to prepare for big school in a caring and supportive environment".

".... it is a beautiful, nurturing special place which our family wil always look back on with fond memories.  Am very sad that this will be our last year at Preschool."

"My child has benefited greatly from going to Mudgee Preschool.  From a shy hesitantt and sometimes anxious child, he is now very confident in all activities and lvoes trying new things.  Everyone that knows him always comments about how much he has developed and I think preschool has been a huge contributor."

The best thing about Mudgee Preschool  is ....

....... the environment and the emphasis and focus it has on each and every child that attends, in preparing them for big school.  The staff are a committed and dynamic group of people, who give wholeheartedly to the job at hand.  I'm so grateful my daughter had the opportunity to attend.

........ Preschool has been a wonderful experience for all my children, but if it wasnt for the teachers their experiences may have been different.  So I would say definitely the teachers.

........ The staff, fantastic playground and the small size of the preschool (South Mudgee)

......... The warm, friendly environment that the children feel at home in.

......... The staff/pupil ratio

......... My son feels like he belongs and is warmly acknowledged by all staff.

......... The friendly staff, beautiful grounds and "child led" learning.

How has your child benefited from his/her experience at Mudgee Preschool?

........ A lot.  I guess the singing of songs, counting better, coming out of her shell a lot more.

....... The preschool has allowed him to develop in his own unique way, fostering his natural interests

....... learned new skills, made friends and enjoyed her time there

....... my daughter went from crying when I dropped her off in the mornings to eing confident enough to catch the bus to and from preschool.  She has gained so much confidence over the year, it has been amazing to watch.

......... All my children have been well prepared for their progression to school






We recognise 
the importance of early childhood education in establishing the foundations for life-long learning .

We are committed
to play-based learning to develop children's communication, cognitive (including literacy and numeracy), physical and social/emotional skills

We believe
that through many languages such as drawing, painting, modelling, sculpting, building, pasting, singing and dancing, children can express what they are thinking, doing, feeling, experiencing and learning.

We aim
to create an atmosphere that encourages strong, open relationships between educators, families, children and the community.

We know
that we can all benefit from working, playing and learning together

Our Philosophy ...
 is based on the view of children's lives as characterised by Belonging, Being and Becoming 

Our experienced and highly qualified staff
use the national Early Years Learning Framework to guide them in curriculum development for individual children and groups of children




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